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cbc's the voice

Since the fall of 2003, a deep and mysterious voice
has been heard introducing the CBC Radio One program The Current.

But just who is the man behind the voice?

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Update: A Last Link reader by the name of Karen has helped solve some of the mystery -- see below.

The secret of the identity behind "The Voice" has been tougher to crack than that of the CBC's once-enigmatic Promo Girl. Here is what is known:

The voice is not electronically altered. It belongs to Stevan Hart and it is the voice both he and Canadian radio listeners wake up with. And it's not the sort of voice you want to hear behind you while watching a horror movie.

It turns out Stevan Hart is a former sideshow strong man and human dartboard. At 6-foot-11, he's also the sort of person you don't want to sit behind at a movie. And with size 18 shoes, you definitely don't want to sit beside him should you have to reach the aisle.

Word has it that Hart is usually dressed all in black. That includes his hair (dyed black) and his eye-liner (also black). Beyond that little is known of the man.

Inside the CBC, staff refer to him either as The Voice or Giant. CBC brass prefer to keep him under wraps and away from the public eye.

Instead, the CBC is content to leave the Voice speak for himself, introducing The Current with a 45-second riff on the day's events as written by the show's writers. The pieces may not last long but they're made memorable by the Voice's deep-throated delivery.

If you know more about the man behind the microphone, please contact the Last Link and help a curious reader- and listenership out.

Like, what sort of circus did he work at ... and where does he buy his shoes?


Stevan Hart - Internet Database image

It turns out Stevan Hart is a well-known guy after all (just be sure to Google Stevan Hart or Steven Hart as opposed to Stephen Hart).

Last Link reader Karen steered us to his official site (now taken down) which confirmed that all of the above is true. He even has a spot at myspace (where he describes himself as a "cocky mouthpiece giant") and has several entries at the Internet Movie Database.

However, his shoe size is actually only 16-and-a-half and he gets them on eBay from various places around the world.

And the circus he worked at was a sideshow called Carnival Diablo, an attraction which features graphic and unusual performances and so much gore ...

And like all things in life, it seems the more you know, the less you know.

How did a guy that young (he was born in 1958) get such a burly truck-driving voice at such a tender age?

Perhaps it came from all that bending of iron bars with his teeth while travelling with the circus.

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