radio - edmonton ratings archives - fall 2006

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The "Fall 2006" book measured Edmonton radio audiences from September 4th to October 29th, 2006. BBM figures state 2,007 people aged 12 and over filled in surveys recording their listening habits.

Unlike the two previous books (Late Summer and Late Spring/Early Summer), program directors, station managers – and especially advertisers – take this one pretty seriously.

The Fall numbers show the overall size of the radio audience is up significantly over the previous two books. However, the big news this time around is the disappearance of the country music audience – both CISN and CFCW listeners seemed to have left the ratings building.

CHED - 11.5 (10.6 last book) switched places with its sister station and is back as king of the hill. Now in its 14th year as the "entertainment and information superstation," audiences know what they like and have returned in large numbers: up from 174,900 over the summer to 219,200. Obviously the new voices in sports haven't hurt and if it ain't broke ...

However, there are darkling shadows across the Corus hall at CISN - 9.8 (13.3). While the station usually posts low double digits in market share, their Late Summer audience of 168,700 dropped nearly 30,000 (at 139,000 it is now about 10,000 under the average for the last couple of books). The question remains: where did their audience go? Numbers below indicate format rival Big Earl didn't benefit.

CFBR - The Bear - 8.2 (6.5) comes in a strong third with an audience size remaining static at about 154,000.

CKNG - Joe FM - 7.9 (8.3) levelled off a bit, losing 10,000 in numbers and finishing with 159,700.

CFMG - EZ Rock - 7.6 (7.5) held steady while CIRK - K-Rock - 7.3 (5.6) jumped back to their average pre-summer placing – despite losing popular morning guy and program director Terry Evans.

Now two years on the air, CHBN - The Bounce - 6.8 (5.8) have posted their best numbers yet. The station has shown steady growth since CKRA switched to country and seems to be winning the ears of the under-25 set at the cost of CHDI Sonic FM.

CBX - CBC Radio One - 6.0 (4.3) enjoyed their best book since 2000. Of note is the audience size, growing nearly 27,000 to 104,500. But they can't all be former CISN fans ...

CHDI - Sonic FM - 5.7 (6.2) seems to have hit a wall and have not grown beyond the numbers they started with in April 2005. With the OK Radio Group's sale of the station to Rogers now officially approved, it remains to be seen what the new owners plan to do with Sonic if things stay too much the same.

CFCW - 4.5 (7.5) simply put, their worst showing in recent memory. While the numbers only indicate their metro Edmonton listenership, there could very well be trouble a-brewing. The re-assignments of Jackie Rae and Graham Neil from Wes Montgomery's legendary morning slot (replaced by Sharon Mallon and Danny Hooper) and the resignation of general manager Al Anderson have no doubt added to the station and country music radio's fall from favour. CFCW came in with 8.2 in the Spring 2006 book and 9.9 in the Fall of 2005.

CHMC - Magic 99 - 4.1 (3.3) shows that the station is slowly but steadily pulling the rabbit out of the radio ratings hat. With December 8th marking the station's first anniversary, Magic's success (despite an undefined-at-best format) shows the drawing power of vet Rob Christie.

CKRA - Big Earl - 3.7 (3.3) remains status quo – not a good thing when you're perpetually coming in at 12th place. As with other country outlets, the numbers are down – 13,000 to 79,700 in Earl's case. With Earl and CFCW numbers down this much, it will be interesting to see if Newcap can be happy with just CIRK - K-Rock being their bright spot.

CHQT - Cool 880 - 3.5 (4.0) continues to be the Corus oddity. With not much room to move given AM formats in Edmonton, the station's saving grace seems to be as the back-up plan when Eskimo games conflict with the Oilers schedule on CHED. At least Charles P. Rodney Chandler has a home.

Rounding out the bottom of the barrel are CBX FM - CBC Radio 2 - 2.6 (2.4), CFRN - The Team - 1.3 (1.6), CFCW FM - CAM FM - 0.1 (0.1) and CHFA - Radio Canada - 0.1 (0.0).

Not reported in this period is CKUA which posted a 3.3 in the Late Summer book. The community supported station knows it audience from six years of past ratings data and decided to invest the substantial BBM fees into programming.

Fall 2006

For more detailed data about the Fall 2006 book, read the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement report (opens as a .pdf) or the imsradio report (which also opens as a .pdf).