radio - edmonton ratings archives - late spring/early summer 2006

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The Bureau of Broadcast Measurement has added a fourth book to the year (in past surveys were done winter/spring, summer and fall). The "Late Spring/Early Summer" book measured Edmonton radio audiences from April 17th to June 11th, 2006.

Overall the survey paints a status quo scenario with the usual suspects occupying the top three spots.

CHED is up a point and a half no doubt reflecting the success of the Edmonton Oilers in the spring's playoffs. Slipping just over a point is sister station CISN, with some of its audience likely sampling Big Earl's wares at CKRA.

CFBR - The Bear, solid in third place, continues its climb upwards from a disastrous Fall 2005 book (5.5 - their worst ever).

CFMG - EZ Rock regains fourth place coming off their worst book (although some stations would kill to have 7.0 as a poor showing) and is up a full point. Apparently CHMC - Magic 99 didn't work a spell on the EZ Rock crowd.

CKNG - Joe FM is the same old Joe, completing a hat trick of fifth place rankings.

CFCW's audience is showing signs of serious erosion, shrinking from 9.9 to 8.2 to 7.0 over three books. New morning stable-mate Danny Hooper came on board just as the survey period was closing, so the poor showing reflects the former crew of Jackie Rae and Graham Neil. Time will tell if Hooper can rope back the fans.

CHDI - Sonic FM stays comfortable in seventh, having only edged up a half point since its first book in Summer 2005.

CIRK - K-Rock repeats with a 6.2, making it two surveys in a row that mark the ratings low point for the station. What remains to be seen is how Jungle Jim Jerome fills the shoes of recently departed Terry Evans. Jerome is expected to arrive at the start of the Fall ratings period.

CBC - Radio One has settled back in the low 5's after two bad books in Summer and Fall 2005 – remember the lockout?

CHBN - The Bounce seems to have lost the momentum it showed in the previous book. Launched as an urban dance station, The Bounce pounced on the pop void left by CKRA 96X when it switched to country as Big Earl. Either the Bounce faithful danced away or were perplexed by having to commit to a BBM diary.

CKRA - Big Earl gained a full point, but the station has still not regained even the poorest ground the frequency had when it was last known as 96X. Personnel tweaking in mid-June will hopefully show positive results come October when the next BBM report is due.

CHMC - Magic 99 gains half a point from its Spring book debut. Perhaps if they would settle on a definable music format ...

CHQT seems forever mired in the low 3's, the faithful have stayed with CKUA and CBC Radio 2, and CFRN - The Team has equalled its best showings -- although a 1.8 is not exactly something to post on a scoreboard.

Lastly, CFCW's flipside CAM FM can't seem to break from its stranglehold on a 0.1 share.

Spring/summer 2006

For more detailed data about the Late Spring/Early Summer 2006 book, read the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement report (opens as a .pdf) or the imsradio report (which also opens as a .pdf).