radio - edmonton ratings archives - spring 2006

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The Spring book measured Edmonton radio audiences from January 9th to March 5th, 2006.

Just prior to the beginning of that period, one new station signed on -- 99.3 CHMC "Magic 99" -- and one station flipped format -- CKRA "96X" became "Big Earl 96.3"

Also coming on stream during that period was CFCW's "CAM FM" -- a 98.1 FM signal that just barely penetrates the Edmonton market.

The big news coming out of the Spring book is the erosion of share by multiple-station owners Corus and Newcap, and the resurgence of Standard Radio's CFBR "The Bear."

All told, Corus (CHED, CISN, CKNG "92.5 Joe FM" and CHQT "Cool 880") slipped from a combined Fall 2005 total of 36.3 to 32.4.

Worse was the fall of Newcap (CFCW, CIRK "K-Rock" and CKRA) despite the overhaul of CKRA as "Big Earl 96.3" and the addition of 98.1 "CAM FM." Newcap fell from 21.7 to 17.2.

The individual station hardest hit in this period was CFMG "EZ Rock" dropping from 9.5 to 7.0 -- a loss of a quarter of its audience. Best recovery was CFBR's "The Bear," posting its best showing since 2002.

CHED (Corus) maintains its stranglehold at the top of the list with its eleventh first-place showing of the last 14 books. Slipping slightly from 12.0 to 11.7, CHED's loss came mainly from adult males, aged 25-54, who dropped in share from 11.6 to 9.1. Female numbers were also down from 6.1 to 5.6.

CISN (Corus) weathered the assault from newcomer "Big Earl 96.3" posting a slight drop from 11.2 to 10.5. While adult male numbers slipped from 11.6 to 10.1, CISN was the top station for adult females at 17.5, up from 15.1. Bruce Bowie's morning show holds down second place while PM drive host Chris Scheetz nails first by a mile.

CFBR "The Bear" (Standard) recovered from their historic low of 5.5 in the last book to 8.7. Their adult male audience doubled from 8.5 to 17.8, placing it at the top of that demographic. Adult female numbers also did well, rising from 3.8 to 6.7. The afternoon show also holds third place but the breakfast shift places fourth.

CFCW (Newcap) eased off from their all-time high of 9.9 to settle at 8.2. While numbers were down in the 25-54 category, the station was tops for listeners 50-plus. Jackie and Graham's morning show places third.

CFMG "EZ Rock" (Standard) suffered most in the Spring book. Never a strong male station (dropping from 5.8 to 4.7) EZ Rock lost it with females -- going from 17.7 to 11.1. It was the station's worst showing in the last 6 years, with most of its lost audience likely drifting to new station CHMC "Magic 99."

CKNG "92.5 Joe FM" (Corus) can't seem to rise above fifth place since its spectacular debut in 2004. While female numbers are steady at 13.7, male fans most likely headed to the Bear or Sonic FM, dropping in figures from 9.8 to 6.3.

CIRK "K-Rock" (Newcap) -- while placing a respectable seventh, the station posted its worst showing in the last six years. The station was the male demographic leader in the last book at 17.6 but those numbers dropped to 12.9. Look to the Bear as the most likely suspect in the desertion. Female numbers dropped 4.9 to 4.7. The Terry, Steve & Bill morning show was fifth.

CHDI "Sonic FM" (OK Radio) shows slight growth at 6.1, up from 5.7 in the last book. The station is the hands-down winner in the 18-24 market, slightly edging the Bounce.

CHBN "The Bounce" (CHUM) also shows similar growth matching its 2005 newcomer partner Sonic. Bounce's gain comes mainly from females, up from 4.0 to 7.0. The station rose from 4.4 to 5.9, filling the vacuum created when CKRA flipped from 96X to Big Earl. The third morning line-up in a year, Pepper & Dylan, has yet to find its feet.

CBC Radio One (CBC) seems to have recovered nicely from its 2005 strike woes. Demographics show equal gains (females 3.0 to 4.5 and males 2.1 to 5.0) no doubt on the strength of the expanded Peter Brown Radio Active show and mornings with Ron Wilson. Overall, CBC Radio One posts a 5.4. but may show further growth when CBC AM goes FM.

CHQT "Cool 880" (Corus) is the anchor dragging the chain down. With its worst showing in a decade (swooping from 5.4 to 3.2), QT's fans seem to have disappeared. While it would be obvious to think they joined EZ Rock listeners in a move to Magic 99, the numbers don't add up. Most likely the diverse Cool 880 audience headed to Sonic and back to the Bear.

CBC Radio Two (CBC) has a loyal audience but the ratings show instability. Male listeners dropped by half (2.3 to 1.1) while females went from a .9 to 1.5. With a listener base this small, trends are hard to judge.

CHMC "Magic 99" (Rawlco) had a dismal debut (2.9) considering the money spent on promotion and the hiring of long-time local favourite Rob Christie who placed 12th in the morning. Rawlco may have miscalculated EZ Rock and CHQT's audience fatigue and are no doubt second-guessing the shift from the proposed jazz station to 21st century Muzak.

CKRA "Big Earl 96.3" (Newcap) had a more disappointing book than newcomer Magic 99, posting an all-time low at 2.7 for station formats occupying the 96.3 frequency. Despite the popularity of the country format in Northern Alberta, Big Earl seems to have repelled listeners rather than attract. If Corus is to take some good news from this book it would be that CISN seems bulletproof. Big Earl in the morning comes in at 11th place.

CKUA (CKUA Radio Network) retains its base audience while their fringe-format fans likely have sampled Sonic FM's adventurous programming.

CFRN "The Team" (Standard) seems to prove that even being a team can be a lonely experience. Without Oiler or Eskimo play-by-play game coverage, CFRN seems to be permanently stuck way back in left field.

CFCW "CAM FM" (Newcap) hardly penetrates the Edmonton metro core but has been included in the latest book. At 0.1, the station can only be hopeful in the city's market.

Other (various) stations may have picked up some numbers from disenfranchised fans of the more well-known stations, with their numbers rising to 7.7 from 5.5.

StationCurrent BookLast BookOwner
630 - CHED11.712.0Corus Entertainment
103.9 - CISN "CISN Country"10.511.2Corus Entertainment
100.3 - CFBR "The Bear"8.75.5Standard Radio
790 - CFCW8.29.9Newcap
104.9 - CFMG "EZ Rock"7.09.5Standard Radio
92.5 - CKNG "92.5 Joe FM"7.07.7Corus Entertainment
97.3 - CIRK "K-Rock"6.27.6Newcap
102.9 - CHDI "Sonic FM"6.15.7OK Radio Group Ltd.
91.7 - CHBN "The Bounce"5.94.4CHUM Limited
740 - CBC Radio One5.44.4Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
880 - CHQT "Cool 880"3.25.4Corus Entertainment
90.9 - CBC Radio Two2.92.5Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
99.3 - CHMC "Magic 99"2.9-Rawlco
96.3 - CKRA "Big Earl 96.3"2.74.2Newcap
94.9 - CKUA2.53.2CKUA Radio Network
1260 - CFRN "The Team"1.31.5Standard Radio
98.1 - CFCW "CAM FM"0.1-Newcap
Other, including
580 - CKUA, 680 - Radio Canada CHFA,
930 - CJCA, 88.5 - CJSR,
90.1 - Radio-Canada, 96.7 - CFWE,
101.7 - CKER and
105.9 - CJRY "The Shine"

For more detailed data about the Spring 2006 book, read the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement report (opens as a .pdf) or the imsradio report (which also opens as a .pdf).