radio - edmonton ratings archives - summer 2005

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Watch the levels!

Summer ratings are not as important as the Spring or Fall books as daily habits are disrupted by seasonal changes in listening habits. But if you work for the Alberta-based OK Radio Group, the news of Sonic FM breaking into the market with a 5.7 share on its first showing is news worth paying attention to.

In the category of all listeners aged 12 and up, CISN and CHED switched places for the most listened to station. For female listeners aged 25-54, the top station was EZ Rock with a 17.3 share, followed by CISN with a 13.9 and 92.5 Joe FM with 12.6. For male listeners aged 25-54, K-Rock led the way with a strong 18.8 share, followed by the Bear at 13.8 and CHED re-appearing at third with a 10.4

The growth of Edmonton's two-newest pop stations (Sonic FM and the Bounce) has come at the expense of The Bear, Joe FM and 96X in particular, who lost a quarter of their audience since the last book and nearly half since Fall 2004. Also of note is the share that has drifted to other stations outside the top 15, with that audience growing from 5.5 to 8.2. The "other" category is usually is made up of stations who do not subscribe to the BBM or whose market shares are insignificant.

StationCurrent BookLast BookOwner
103.9 - CISN "CISN Country"10.611.3Corus Entertainment
630 - CHED10.413.8Corus Entertainment
97.3 - CIRK "K-Rock"9.08.9Newcap
104.9 - CFMG "EZ Rock"8.79.7Standard Radio
100.3 - CFBR "The Bear"7.88.2Standard Radio
92.5 - CKNG "92.5 Joe FM"7.08.0Corus Entertainment
790 - CFCW6.67.1Newcap
102.9 - CHDI "Sonic FM"5.7-OK Radio Group Ltd.
96.3 - CKRA "96X"5.57.3Newcap
91.7 - CHBN "The Bounce"4.83.2CHUM Limited
740 - CBC Radio One4.25.6Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
880 - CHQT3.74.5Corus Entertainment
94.9 - CKUA3.43.1CKUA Radio Network
90.9 - CBC Radio Two2.72.2Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
1260 - CFRN "The Team"1.91.6Standard Radio
Other, including
580 - CKUA, 680 - Radio Canada,
930 - CJCA, 88.5 - CJSR,
90.1 - Radio-Canada, 96.7 - CFWE,
101.7 - CKER and
105.9 - CJRY "The Shine"