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there are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics -- mark twain

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Commercial radio lives and dies by "the book." The same can be said for commercial radio careers. The rates at which stations can sell advertising time is determined by the size of their audience – and in the radio business bigger is better.

Four times a year "the book" comes out. The news can result in pink champagne or pink slips. Check the latest ratings to determine the mood at your favourite station.

late spring/early summer 2009


The ratings used by stations are based on surveys conducted by the Bureau of Broadcast Measurement, and stations have to subscribe for the service. Listed on these pages are general overviews of BBM's surveys for the Edmonton market.

Stations receive much more detailed results, broken down by quarter-hour, age, gender and total time tuned in. The number everybody is looking for is called a "share," a percentage of all people listening to a radio and for how long.

Currently in Edmonton, about 2,200 listeners fill in diaries on which the ratings are based.

In the fall of 2009, Edmonton will join other markets in Canada and be part of BBM surveys conducted with Postable People Meters (PPMs).

A Postable People Meter

Worn by those surveyed, PPMs pick up inaudible signatures encoded in broadcast signals and accurately record the station, time of day and duration of listen.

The shift from the manual diary-based survey system to the passive electronic form has already altered the traditional view of the listening landscape (as was found out in Montreal where the first PPMs were piloted in Canada).

Survey results will soon roll out near-continuously and remove the generational/technological bias of the diary format.

As is the case with all things statistical, stations are free to create their own spins to serve their needs. For advertisers, the adult group – aged 25 - 54 – is the most important number.

Late Spring/Early Summer 2009

If anything, the "Late Spring/Early Summer 2009" book shows Edmonton audiences in a state of mood swing.

At fault might be the manual diary-based method of recording listening habits. The upcoming July/August sample will be the last to use the diaries, with new-to-Edmonton Postable People Meter electronic monitoring set to begin August 31st.

However, when the latest ratings are placed in the context of a long term view, most stations ended up just about where they were expected to – good news for some and worrying for others » full details »

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