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Scott Shane Brown, 20, was shot dead on October 14th, 2010.

Brown was Edmonton's twenty-first homicide victim of the year.

Case status is open and active.

victim identified | a criminal past
suspect description released

Police continue to investigate a broad-daylight shooting in the Castle Downs subdivision that left one man dead and a shoeless man on the run.

Investigators had their hands full after reports of "shots fired" came in at about 3:41 p.m. Thursday, October 14th.

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Arriving officers soon learned they had three crime scenes to deal with after a man was shot in front of a house at 15908 100 Street in the north-end Beaumaris neighbourhood.

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The victim – said to be young, wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans (or a grey track suit according to others) – was then transported in a tow truck, ending up near 158th Avenue and 98th Street.

EMS picked the man up and rushed him under police escort to the Royal Alexandra Hospital where he died of his injuries an hour later.

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Police also cordoned off a nearby alley where they think an escaping gunman may have fled.

Details regarding the victim's identity, along with a description of his shooter, haven't been released by investigators.

The area was sealed off, preventing many from returning to their homes after the afternoon commute, as police tried to unravel the mystery of the broad daylight shooting.

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Attention was primarily focused on a silver-grey mid-2000s Nissan Infiniti G35 with a flat tire found parked in front of the house on 100th Street.

Neighbours said they had seen the luxury performance car speeding up and down the street the night before.

It was observed parked early in the morning in front of the house on 100th Street, but residents said it had no connection to the home.

Later in the day, traffic cones were set up around the vehicle and a tow truck appeared ready to hook the car.

Then witnesses heard shouting, followed by two to four gunshots.

One man, dressed in black, was seen fleeing through a yard, while another man ran up and down the street, clutching his arm.

The injured man first ran away from a bright yellow All-Star Towing & Recovery truck parked nearby. A few seconds later, he hopped into the truck. Residents said the tow vehicle then sped off.

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A few blocks south and east – on 158th Avenue near 98th Street – the truck stopped and the injured man ended up on his back in a driveway, his legs crossed. While there were no signs of blood, the victim wasn't moving.

"They were trying to resuscitate him," said a resident.

"His feet were on the sidewalk and his head was on the driveway."

Police were later overheard telling homeowners near where the man collaped that the incident had nothing to do with them.

The tow truck driver was not hurt and was later questioned as a prime witness.

After emergency crews took the injured man to hospital, a heavy police presence descended.

Homicide detectives, the police Air-Two helicopter, and the K9 and tactical units arrived. A command post was set up.

Police revealed the suspect they were looking for may also have been injured but they did not reveal what type of injuries he may have sustained or how.

One report suggested an exchange of gunfire had taken place but police initially confirmed little.

Formally speaking to media, homicide Det. Robert Mills wouldn’t confirm if gunshots had been fired or if the victim died from gunshot wounds.

"There was an altercation at this location between our victim and another person that resulted in our victim being deceased," Mills said.

"The actual altercation – the reasons for that are unknown at this time."

The detective added that police were still looking for the suspect – a person unknown to them.

"At this point I'm unaware that we have any identity on who the suspect may be," Mills said.

Reports conflicted over whether the victim and the suspect knew each other, or if the shooting was a random act.

"We don't know of any relationship between our victim and our suspect at this time," Mills said.

"I can't comment on what the victim died from and the actual altercation. The reasons for that are unknown at this time."

Police also did not confirm if the Infiniti was connected to the incident but said that it appeared the tow truck and its driver weren't involved.

Investigators did not comment on what information the driver had provided.

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A black ball cap and a single grey tennis shoe were isolated behind parked police vehicles at the south end of an alley west of 100th Street, near where the shots were first heard. A section of fence of one yard appeared to have been kicked open.

Victim identified

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On Friday, October 15th, media reported that 20-year-old Scott Shane Brown was the victim of the shooting in Beaumaris.

Brown had been wanted by RCMP and Edmonton police in connection with gun violence in northern Alberta – read more »

News of Brown's death and criminal past sparked a debate in the comment section of the CBC Edmonton web page covering his homicide – read more »

Police delayed confirming the victim's identity, saying next of kin still needed to be notified.

An autopsy was expected to be completed Friday afternoon.

Police did release a description of someone they were looking for.

He was said to be a stocky male, wearing a black hoodie, black pants and a black ball cap.

Later in the day, police confirmed that Brown was the city's twenty-first homicide victim of the year.

In a release to media, they also stated that his autopsy had not been completed.

Police expanded their suspect description and supplied images of articles of clothing lost by the person of interest – see images »

Detectives said they were seeking a white or tanned-skinned male suspect, possibly in his 20s, with a stocky build, and wearing a black hoodie, black pants and a black ball cap.

The suspect feld south and west from the location. He lost both running shoes and his baseball cap along the way.

Police also indicated Brown's shooting was targeted.

"Based on the information that we're getting from our investigators ... it does not appear at this time to be just a random act," a spokesman said.

Those with information about the matter were asked to contact Edmonton police at 780-423-4567, Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or online at Tips can also be text messaged.

The Edmonton Sun managed to glean details from an investigator that cleared up some of the mystery surrounding Brown's death.

"The victim was the owner of the car and he was an associate of the tow company," Det. Brent Dahlseide said.

He further stated reports of the tow truck driver being involved in a repossession of the car were inaccurate, adding the truck driver was being cooperative with investigators.

Other sources indicated Brown's associates were not as generous, refusing to answer police questions.

The Edmonton Police Service web site entry for Scott Shane Brown can be seen here.

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