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Johnny Brian Altinger, 38, was reported missing October 10th, 2008. On October 31st Mark Andrew Twitchell, 29, was charged with first-degree murder.

A search of Mark Twitchell's Facebook page (since removed) revealed some disturbing details in light of the first-degree murder charge brought against him.

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Dexter Morgan is the name of a fictional character in the television program Dexter, about a Miami police forensics expert who moonlights as a serial killer.

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"We have a lot of information that suggests he definitely idolises Dexter and a lot of information that he tried to emulate him during this incident," Det. Anstey said.

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To some, Twitchell even shared a resemblance with the character.

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Twitchell was arrested a week after his last Facebook post. image

Transaction records on, an online buy, sell and trade site, indicate that on August 29th, 2008 someone using the profile name "xpressdirector" from St. Albert, Alberta, Canada paid $49.99 for a Stun Master Telescopic Stun Baton (larger screenshot can be seen here). image

The rechargeable device is advertised as being capable of delivering "800,000 volts of stopping power" and can penetrate "through a 1/2 inch of clothing."

The iOffer site claims the device is legal in Canada because, when extended to its full 21.5 inch length, the Stun Master exceeds the 480mm (18.9 inch) minimum requirement set out by Canadian law. image

On September 14th the buyer (xpressdirector) reported he received the stun gun and expressed his gratitude to the seller.

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On a Facebook discussion group for the Xpress Entertainment film "House of Cards," a call was made for actors.

Mark wrote on August 27, 2008 at 6:50pm


We need to kill some time before Day Players is ready so I thought we'd do a short for kicks and I need some top . . . gun . . . actors.

Here's the vitals.

Title: House of Cards

Genre: Mystery thriller

Shoot dates: Friday September 27th 2008 - Sunday September 28th 2008

Roles required . . .

The Killer: Need a male, playing age mid to late 20's. Needs to deliver in a cold, sociopathic tone. Since face is disguised for the most part, need someone with a commanding voice.

Roger: Primarily the victim in the scenario. Male playing age mid 40's, preferably silver-ish hair. Family man type with a deceptive streak built from a place of insecurity.

Wife: Rogers significant other. One scene req. Female playing age late 30's. Other physical attributes not important.

Kids: Need two children, preferably one girl and one boy ages 7 - 8.

Writer: Male, playing age mid - late 20's

Writers girlfriend: Female, Playing age mid - late 20's.

I'm casting all of these roles personally so just contact me through facebook to start the process. We're short on time so the sooner the better.

Roles are non paid for House of Cards but we are working on a $3M feature right after this with major A-list talent and I remember things like work ethic and true acting chops when considering roles for that too.

An undated posting offering the House of Cards script for sale was found on, a website dedicated to free community classifieds. image

The offer was made by xpressdirector who stated: I'm selling a script from the tv show Dexter. It's the full script for "House of Cards".

Mark Twitchell, married with two children including a daughter born last January, operated Xpress Entertainment, an Edmonton film production company, since 2005. It was Twitchell's residence that was searched in St. Albert.

Note: Xpress Entertainment's site was soon shut down displaying the message "This site is temporarily unavailable. Sorry for any inconvenience."

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His Internet Movie Database entry indicated that his fan film project Star Wars: Secrets of the Rebellion was now in post-production with no release date listed.

In addition to producing and directing the film, Twitchell played a Rebel Technician.

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Twitchell and the film were featured in media reports while production was taking place at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's Radio & TV Arts studios using giant green screens, allowing the $60,000 movie to appear more expensive with the addition of special effects.

In June 2007 City TV visited the set (the clip can be seen here). The movie was also the subject of a July 2006 Edmonton Sun article.

So far as it was known, neither George Lucas, LucasFilm Ltd., LucasArts Entertainment Co., or any Lucas affiliates were connected to or involved with Twitchell and his film.

While there were reports of Twitchell receiving government funding for his film projects, a provincial official denied money was given to the man.

Alberta Minister of Culture and Community Spirit Lindsay Blackett said Twitchell did not receive grants from the Alberta Film Development Fund, nor did he receive any funding from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

"He's not a member of the Alberta Motion Picture Industry Association," Blackett said. "He's an independent filmmaker."

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Twitchell is seen above in his Transformer costume "Bumblebee" for which he won first place (and this bike) at 2007's Howler, a Hallowe'en bash sponsored by local Edmonton radio station The Bear. With the same costume, Twitchell won a second contest (radio station Sonic 102.9's Monster Mash) the next night.

On Hallowe'en 2008, Twitchell's only appearance was at the Edmonton Remand Centre.

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