deadmonton 2006 - juanita cardinal

Juanita Cardinal, 27, was stabbed to death February 26th, 2006.

Case status is open and active.

Police Line: Do Not Cross

An early Sunday morning 911 call brought police to a home on Edmonton's south side where they found two women suffering from stab wounds.

At 5:39 a.m. police were called from a home at 9630 81 Avenue. Two women had stabbed each other during an argument and both were rushed to hospital. Juanita Cardinal was pronounced dead on arrival as the result of multiple stab wounds.

Homicide detectives later declared Cardinal's death as Edmonton's fifth murder of 2006 after receiving an autopsy report completed February 28th. The report indicated Cardinal died from a single stab wound to the upper body.

Neighbours described the Cardinal's house as a known party location, one that police made regular visits to for drinking and fighting complaints. On the morning of the murder, neighbours didn't recall hearing anything unusual.

The house had a security system recently installed as one of the women was having trouble with an ex-boyfriend.

The 911 call came from a woman inside the house. The two women involved in the fight were not related but did know each other.

Cardinal had a five-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, who was later looked after by her grandmother. Brooklyn was not at the home at the time of the fight.

Cardinal was described as a sports and music enthusiast. She was employed as a prep cook at Edmonton's Padthai Restaurant.

The other woman, a 29-year-old suffering from slash wounds, was questioned by police and was treated as "a person of interest." No charges were announced.

On March 26th, 2006 it was reported that police would not be laying charges in Juanita Cardinal's death.

Cardinal's parents, Tom and Rose McAllister, were told their daughter was stabbed multiple times in the back and once in the jugular. Police had earlier stated she died of a single stab wound to the upper body.

"She must have been running away," said Rose. She added the 29-year-old woman also involved in the fight was twice the size of her daughter and she doesn't know why the woman was there the night Juanita died.

Police told Tom they believed the person who stabbed Cardinal was acting in self-defence.

The McAllisters figure the women had been fighting over Cardinal's cellphone, which may have contained threatening phone messages from an ex-boyfriend. The family claimed the boyfriend had threatened to kill Cardinal before her death.

A city police spokesman said homicide detectives finished their investigation and passed the file along to Crown prosecutors for further action.

An Alberta Justice spokesman said, "The Crown is bound to meet a very high standard of proving that a case is beyond a reasonable doubt. In this case, after reviewing the file, the Crown concluded there was no reasonable likelihood of conviction."