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  Edmonton Art Gallery Design Finalist

On October 13, 2005, the Edmonton Art Gallery announced the winning entry in the international design competition held for the expansion of their facility. The EAG awarded Los Angeles architect Randall Stout's design as their choice for the $48-million face-lift of the 35-year old building.

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Edmonton Art Gallery - current structure

  Edmonton Art Gallery

Built in the late 1960s, the Brutalist school design of the current gallery has been referred to publicly as coming from the school of war-time bunker-era exposed concrete construction. Nestled in Edmonton's Arts District, this three-decade-old harbinger now seems out of place alongside the new City Hall and Winspear Centre For Music buildings, and the recent Churchill Square, Stanley A. Milner Library and City Centre Mall renovations.

Edmonton Art Gallery - Randall Stout Design Finalist


Edmonton Art Gallery - Alsop Design


Submitted by British designer Will Alsop, whose only Canadian building is the Sharp Centre for Design at the Ontario College of Art, which is raised 26 metres above street level on 12 multi-coloured stilts.

Edmonton Art Gallery - Zaha Hadid Design

  Edmonton Art Gallery - Zaha Hadid Design

Submitted by the world's most famous female architect, Iraqi-born Zaha Hadid, winner of the prestigious 2004 Pritzker Prize.

Edmonton Art Gallery - Arthur Erickson Design


Submitted by Vancouver's Arthur Erickson in association with Edmonton City Hall designer Gene Dub.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

  Blinded by the light ...

The Los Angeles Frank Gehry-designed concert hall's stainless steel exterior had been covered by a grey mesh fabric to reduce glare which generated street level temperatures in excess of 58 C, or 136 Fahrenheit, blinding motorists and cooking residents in nearby homes. Gehry recently approved the sandblasting of sections of the building's skin to reduce the problem.