Due to extenuating circumstances, the content of the Last Link on the Left website has been removed from the Internet.

The decision was made with great reluctance.

We would like to thank our readers and advertisers for their patronage over the past decade.

We also offer apologies to websites that have kindly linked to Last Link content.

In an era of dwindling media diversity, we regret that our ability to provide an alternative voice has been compromised by an outside party. We wish them the best of luck.

In the near future, portions of the original Last Link's website content will be restored. That said, no timelines have been set.

News of restored content will be distributed by way of social media and word of mouse (with help from your favourite search engine).

In the meantime, keep your critical-thinking hats on and question why media outlets keep their legal and brand management departments fully-employed while they cut back on funding already-underpaid front line staff.

As always, we welcome feedback. We won't be able to disclose too much more unless you're a patient intellectual freedom lawyer willing to work pro bono (just use the contact us link).

We look forward to returning to the web, but when and in what form remains to be seen.

Thanks again for visiting the Last Link on the Left.